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Professor Morrow is an active writer and researcher. In recent years he has done substantial work exploring personal essay filmmaking, crowdfunding, production ethics, genre subversion, Irish cinema, music video aesthetics, Michael Mann, John Carpenter, Brian De Palma, John Landis, and study abroad education. His essay, “Silence and Sound in Media Production,” appears in the book Silence in Teaching and Learning, published by McMaster University. Much of his writing on media production and pedagogy appears in Jan Fernback’s book Teaching Communication and Media Studies: Pedagogy and Practice (Routledge, 2015)  He collaborated with his sister, Western Washington University professor Kacey Morrow, on the Focal Press textbook Producing for TV and New Media, which was published in early 2013 and reprinted in 2015. He is currently working with film and Broadway superstar Kathleen Turner on a new book, tentatively titled Conversations with Kathleen Turner.

Among his scholarly essays about cinema and media are:
– ‘Crowdfunding 101: How to Succeed in Raising Funds for your Films Online’
– ‘Firinne: Understanding Contemporary Individual and Communal Identity in Ireland’
– ‘Music Video Makeover: The Changing Face of Music Videos’
– ‘Laptop: Visualization of the Musical Instrument in Digital Music Performance’
–  ‘Personal Essay Documentaries: The First-Person Approach to Digital Nonfiction Filmmaking’
– ‘The First-Person Filmmaker:  The Ethics and Evolution of the Personal Essay Documentary’
– ‘Media Production Students and Arts at your Side’
– ‘The Mall-ing of the Bard: How Kenneth Branagh Brought Shakespeare to Suburbia’
– ‘Let Us Now See a Famous Documentary in a Postmodern Setting: A Re-Contextualizing of the Nonfiction Classic Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
– ‘The Midwestern: A Case for a New Film Genre’
– ‘It’s Not My Style: How Julie Taymor’s Titus Broke the Rules’
– ‘Walter Neff’s Dying Words: First-Person Confessional Voice-Over in Film Noir’

Morrow has also authored a number of short, informal essays about film and pop culture for such publications as Film Threat, one of the most-visited film-based site on the web. He has written essays about surf cinema, the Oscars, Tom Cruise, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Bourne trilogy, and the John Landis cult classic Into the Night. He has also written a series of essays under the heading “Contemporary Irish Cinema” for the newspaper Irish Edition, providing in-depth examinations of such films as Omagh, Some Mother’s Son, and Veronica Guerin.

To obtain copies of any of Professor Morrow’s written works, email your request to morrow4@pdx.edu.

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