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Prof. Morrow collaborated with his sister, professor and graphic designer Kacey Morrow, on the new edition of Cathrine Kellison’s industry-standard guide to producing. The book has been adopted by dozens of colleges and universities and has become one of the foundational texts in the field. This edition features expanded sections on new media, web media, and mobile media production, as well as interviews with prominent new media producers. The book is available in over thirty countries around the world. The book was published by Focal Press in 2013, with a hardback reprint published in 2015 for the library market.

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Media artist and University of South Carolina professor Evan Meaney wrote of the book, “It acutely indicates both a high calibur of pedagogic talent and a keen capability for research. This edition of the text is an invaluable education for those interested in becoming a successful producer. I consider this required reading for anyone interested in media.”

Producer and University of Tennessee Digital Services Librarian Ashley Maynor writes, “I was very impressed with how the book covers so much ground—from technical aspects of each stage of production to legal and licensing issues. The interviews and conversations with pros in the field, which comprise a full chapter of the book, are especially insightful and help to make this text unique.”

Media artist and University of Michigan Dearborn professor Jennifer Proctor writes, “Producing for TV and New Media was ideal for my course because it both provided an overview of the producer’s role in production, but also offered specific details, examples, case studies, and production forms that students could put into use immediately.”

Chair of the Department of Photography and Film at Virginia Commonwealth University Sasha Waters writes,”The focus on new media, new markets, deliverables and the legal ins-and-outs of producing make Producing for TV and New Media the most comprehensive book addressing the newest challenges of the small screen, and of our increasingly mobile, multiplying home screens, in ages. I see this book as not only speaking to a broad, general audience interested to know what being a ‘Producer’ is and means, but also appealing to more experienced professionals who want to stay abreast of new developments in the field. It is a very fine, engrossing read!”

Following are the Contents of the book, courtesy of Focal Press and Routledge.

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