Lectures and Workshops

Prof. Morrow has given lectures at colleges, universities, film festivals, conferences and galleries. He has given presentations to audiences as diverse as underprivileged middle-school students, urban artists, media theorists, and graphic design graduate students. He is available to speak at institutions on a host of subjects, including:

  • film production
  • careers in media and technology
  • production ethics
  • experimental techniques in digital cinema
  • academic program and curricular development
  • study abroad education
  • the history and psychology of film editing
  • screenwriting
  • pursuing success in media industries
  • crowdfunding and indie film finance
  • music video history, aesthetics and production
  • 1970s and 1980s genre filmmaking
  • Irish history, politics, cinema and culture

Prof. Morrow has also, by invitation, screened collections of his films at colleges, galleries, and other organizations. In conjunction with such screenings, he can speak on the themes presented in his films, and the techniques used to produce them, as well as the cultural contexts in which they were made. For an example, view his TED Talk, which addresses music therapy through the lens of his film Everything Went Down.

To invite Prof. Morrow to provide a lecture or workshop to your business/group/institution, contact him at morrow4@pdx.edu.

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