Everything Went Down

NTSC/16:9/TRT 85:50/Color/2013

The feature film Everything Went Down is a realist musical in the style of the beloved Irish film Once.  The movie mixes comedy, drama, and music to tell the story of a young college professor (played by acclaimed Canadian theatre artist Noah Drew) who has become a shell of a person following the death two years earlier of his wife.  Crippled by a numbing grief, he’s shut himself off from the world emotionally.  At the same time, a young singer-songwriter (popular indie rocker Kate Tucker) has begun to lose faith in the struggle to make a name for herself as a musician.  Bogged down by the pressures of turning her art into commerce, she has lost sight of why she wanted to make music in the first place.  Unfolding over the space of a couple weeks, the film chronicles the budding friendship between the professor and the singer, as the energy and beauty of her music begins to bring him back to life, and the value of her music to this man reawakens her to the merits of making music.  Learn more about the film at its website, www.everythingwentdown.com.

View the film on Hulu, IndieReign, VHX, Amazon Instant, and Vimeo On Demand, or purchase the DVD at Amazon.com.  The film is also available to screen at no charge at this link.

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Stills from the film:

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The film’s poster, designed by Kacey Morrow:

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