NTSC/4:3/TRT 68:32/Color/2003

A digital film experiment in mood and temporal construction, Winterblue is comprised of a series of intricately connected scenes documenting obviously important as well as seemingly inconsequential moments in the life cycle of one couple’s relationship.

Bouncing around the holiday seasons of six different years in the mid-Eighties, the film’s narrative fragmentation forces a reflection on the common conceptions of Fate. Metaphysical romantic notions like the Soul Mate and Jung’s Synchronicity get a workout here – the idea that these two people were meant to meet at this Moment, so that This could happen, which would lead to This, which would lead to This…

The last scene in the film, which documents a chance meeting between the two central characters that will lead to the establishment of their relationship, would seem superfluous in any other story. But because of the way in which the narrative is constructed, and the monumentally important sequence that comes just before it, it is revealed as the most crucial scene in the film, and in effect becomes Destiny in action.

This film is not currently viewable on this site. To see it, please send a request to Prof. Morrow.

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