NTSC/16:9/TRT 3:09/Color/2016

Treetops is an experimental film about the space between the natural world and the technology we use to capture it and reproduce it. It addresses the frustrations and limitations of trying to reproduce the world around us using cameras, sound recorders, and computers. To that end, it’s also a film about transition. The film moves from full-color, saturated and crisp imagery, to desaturated and flat images, then to black and white, to out-of-focus, to distorted, to overexposed, washed out and grainy images. The effect is slow, but evocative and easily observed due to the film’s brief running time. We begin with a truthful, “untouched” representation of the natural world, and we move to something more obviously digital, cold and processed – something that puts the technology and the technique (shooting and post-production) before the subject being depicted. And we only ever see the tops of the trees – when an artist attempts to use technology to capture the real world, he or she can only ever get “part of the story”. That is, no matter how hard we work at it, the tools we use have limitations that necessitate that we only create processed representations of that which we shoot/record.

Treetops is still screening in film festivals. When its run on the festival circuit is complete, it will be available to view here. Please check back.

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