The Working Man

NTSC/1.85:1/TRT 74:00/B & W/2005

The Working Man is a surreal, dark comedy-drama about the loss of personal identity in the American workplace, and one office drone who decides to take action against the ‘automating’ of the modern cubicle dweller. Jim Charleston, a working stiff with an unrewarding day job doing data entry, a wife who barely knows he exists, and a terrible case of chronic insomnia, decides to accept a position as a phone support technician on the graveyard shift at a virtually empty, almost featureless office building. Before long, he’s beset by loneliness and boredom, which turn to hallucinations and madness as he feels his sense of self begin to slip away.

The Working Man was shot in a suburban landscape of interstates, office parks, and fast food restaurants that provide an alienating setting for the story of one man’s revolt against a system that seeks to strip him of his individuality. This offbeat film asks challenging questions about the culture of work in the United States, and the importance of job satisfaction. Why is it that, in the U.S., we ‘live to work’, while in other countries people ‘work to live?’

The film is not currently available online, but a DVD can be purchased from here.

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