The View Finder

NTSC/4:3/TRT 7:09/Color/2003

The View Finder is an experimental nonfiction document of the unraveling of a relationship during a long weekend in Vancouver. Presented primarily in a two-channel format, it plays with the concepts of time unfolding, micro/macro focus, and the intimacy and invasiveness of the “home movie.”   The View Finder opens in a landing plane – it’s the end of a journey, the end of a friendship.

The film is about the passage of time we value, hence the countdown that runs along the bottom of the screen, chronicling the 72 hours its subjects spent together that weekend. And it’s about how small the problems of two people can seem in a world as busy as ours, even when those problems can devastate a life (or two). The two-channel format presents the majesty of Vancouver on one side, while depicting the subtle pain unfolding between two of its visitors on the other. And ultimately, it’s a film about change, about how silent it can be, and how you can wake up one day and realize that your life is different.

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