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Prof. Morrow’s work has screened on 6 continents, in more than 30 countries and 200 venues around the world. Among the venues to screen his work in recent years are the Magikalcharm Film Festival at Anthology Film Archives, Lilliputian Film Festival, FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Experimental Superstars Film Festival, Rendezvous Film Festival, Three Cities Festival, Zoom International Film Festival, Portland State of Mind, Monmouth College, Park City Film and Music Festival, Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, Canada International Film Festival, Black Earth Film Festival, Green Bay Film Festival, The Fleur Cinema, Eugene International Film Festival, Western Washington University, TED Talks, Asheville Cinema Festival, Oregon Independent Film Festival, Gig Harbor Film Festival, Astoria International Film Festival, Temple University, Naperville Independent Film Festival, Stony Brook Film Festival, Asheville Cinema Society, Northwest Tracking, Pickford Film Center, SENE Festival of Film Music and Art, Visionaria, Bibeodromo International Experimental Film and Video Festival, Wolves Independent International Film Festival, Oregon Lens, OPB Independent Film Festival, Athens Digital Arts Festival, Carnival of E-Creativity, International Euro Festival, Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival, Cape May Film Festival, Antimatter Media Arts Festival, Portland Film Festival, Academy of Electronic Arts, VideoBabel International Audiovisual Festival, CologneOFF X: Cologne International Videoart Festival, University Film and Video Conference, ArtsFest Film Festival, Athens International Film and Video Festival, Experimental Film Festival Portland, Big Muddy Film Festival, OpenLens Film Festival, Northwest Filmmakers Festival, MTV2, Strictly Global, Northwest Film Center, PopMic: Pop Music Industry Conference, Portland Music Video Showcase, Mostra Internacional de Videodanca de Sao Carlos,,,,,, An Lar TV, Once a Week Online Film Festival, Little Museum of Dublin, University of Oklahoma, Humanity Explored Festival, Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival, Open Engagement: Art and Social Practice Conference, Make It Short Festival, Flaherty Film Seminar, Alexandria Film Festival, Albuquerque Film Festival, Landlocked Film Festival, Sprockets and Splices, and the Arts and Quality of Life Research Center.

If you are interested in screening one of Prof. Morrow’s films at your festival or institution, please email him at

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