Retracing Footsteps

NTSC/4:3/TRT 8:41/Color/2003

After the terrible events of September 11th, much of the rhetoric in the media was devoted to the concept of “healing as a nation.” But what does that mean once an individual human face is attached to the day? How do those of us who felt the loss of a specific person mourn him or her while also mourning this event as a national tragedy and important day in the history of our country? Retracing Footsteps is less a tribute to the filmmaker’s friend, and more the firsthand story of one person’s coming to terms with confusion and loss. In the film, Morrow revisits the places where he had established good memories with a college friend who was killed at the Pentagon on 9/11. Contrasting iconic photographs from the media with personal snapshots, the movie asks, “which pictures are more harrowing, more moving, harder to look at?” What does it mean to attach a human face to such an historic event?

This film is not currently available for viewing on this site. To see it, please send a request to Prof. Morrow.

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