Current Projects

Prof. Morrow’s current projects include:

Untitled Socioeconomic Thriller (2017, narrative feature film, in development)
A realist dramatic thriller in which a single mother struggles with personal demons while in a race against time to retain custody of her young son.

Black Pool (2017, narrative feature film, in development)
A tense, claustrophobic thriller, Black Pool will explore an epic conflict – the politics of Northern Ireland – through the telling of a small, intimate story about two men whose troubled family histories sets them on a collision course to violence.

Treetops (2016, avant-garde short film, in distribution)
This work navigates the space between the natural world and the technology (cameras, sound recorders, computers) that we use to capture it and reproduce it. It’s a film about transition, about the frustrations and limitations of using digital technologies to attempt to capture the world around us. The film premiered at the Experimental Superstars Film Festival in Serbia.

Dead Mall (2016, documentary short film, in distribution)
Once the center of social life for teenagers and a symbol of economic health and activity for baby boomers and youth with disposable income, many malls are now like ghosts, standing nearly empty and virtually abandoned. This experimental documentary provides a haunting, melancholy look at one failing mall in the rural Midwest. The film premiered at Anthology Film Archives in New York City.

Conversations with Kathleen Turner (2017, book, on the market)
This book, a collaboration between Mr. Morrow and screen and stage legend Kathleen Turner, will explore techniques of screen and stage performance. Learn more about it here.

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