NTSC/4:3/TRT 3:05/B&W/2001

Passerby is an existential musical, told entirely with still photos, that tackles the classically romantic notion of the Soul Mate, in which the filmmaker asks us to consider the existence of metaphysics that might draw us together. As two strangers pass each other on the street every day, they struggle to understand why they are so drawn to each other, and the film slides into a haunting and hypnotic rhythm as they imagine waltzing together on the sidewalk. Passerby, produced during Morrow’s first month of graduate school, won a prestigious College Television Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles.

Media artist and professor Franklin Miller wrote of the film, “A very large topic gets engaged by directing our attention to very small gestures in a very ordinary context. Starting out with two interior voices is what keeps it ambiguous and forces us to look more closely at both characters; by seeming to tell two stories – well, to present two situations – we’re given work to do, a task of sorting things out. The 3-part (with coda) structure with very clear shifts from one to the next gives it the energy of renewal and a sense of the play of destiny as we contemplate such a simple thing as passing by. This is the form of the exploded moment.”

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