Prof. Morrow Receives Grant

I am excited to announce that I was awarded a grant for $5250 from the Regional Arts and Culture Council to assist in the production of my next feature film, which is shooting later this year. Find more information about RACC here:

Prof. Morrow Lectures at Willamette University

In December, I was honored to visit Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, to give a workshop on film production. It was a fun visit, and I’d like to thank the Film program at WU for the invitation. I hope everyone found the workshop rewarding.

“Dead Mall” Screened in Philadelphia

Dead Mall screened in my old home city of Philadelphia at the Creative Arts Film Festival. I wish I could have made this one, as I haven’t been back to Philly in awhile, but unfortunately the timing did not work out.

“Dead Mall” Wins Award

My short Dead Mall was an official selection of the Nevada International Film Festival in Las Vegas. The film won the Platinum Reel Award in the Short Film category at the festival.