NTSC/4:3/TRT 8:20/Color/2003

Television, smoking, and too much to drink. Insomnia, darkness, and not enough sex. A suffocating blanket of jealousy. Submersion, drowning, going under.

Green is an unusual experiment in digital cinema. The film was shot with an infrared camera in total darkness, and uses slow motion, layered imagery, and a dense soundtrack including music, whalesong, and electronic distortion to evoke the twisting of the senses brought on by chronic insomnia, and the jealousy and poor judgment that can emerge when one half of a couple can’t sleep.

The film also plays with gender roles in relationships, and the noir-ish framing of glamour and mystery in the thick of night. Wrote the programmers of the Antimatter Festival of Underground Short Film & Video, at which the film premiered, “X-chromosome media heresies spill through the tricked–out and refracted gaze of both maker and subject.”

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