NTSC/Widescreen/ TRT TBD/Color/2010

Grafton takes its title from Grafton Street, the most famous street in Dublin. As the center of shopping, dining, and tourism, Grafton Street has become something of a Times Square in Irish miniature. The street reflects Ireland’s magnificent recent leaps in commerce, tourism, urban growth, media outlets, and technology. Wading through its overcrowded wall of people, images, language and sounds is to have the senses assaulted. This experimental film documents one Irishman’s inability to resist, to filter the messages competing for space in his head. As he is confronted by a constant stream of advertisements, media, and information, his only option becomes surrender. He tells his story, which involves devastating personal loss, incapable of discriminating between what should be important to him, and what the city tells him should matter in his life.

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