Film versus Film

Film versus Film is humorous web series centering on the discussion of popular cinema that premiered in January 2012 and ran for 39 weeks.  The show’s panel is made up of filmmakers, professors, film critics and film scholars. The panel’s discussions stem from tongue-in-cheek, pop culture-oriented “categories” like Best Use of a Pop Song in Film, Film Failure that Should Have Spawned a Great Franchise, Most Unpleasant Christmas Movie, and Hammiest Performance Ever by a Film Actor.

The series was created, produced and hosted Dustin Morrow, who thought there might be an audience for the funny, passionate, good-natured arguments he was having at the pub with his fellow cinephiles over such film-obsessive questions as What’s the best film ever made starring an animal?, What’s the most uncomfortable nude scene on film?, and What films have actually been elevated by the performances of Keanu Reeves?

The series was shot in Philadelphia, and featured in addition to Morrow, professor and film scholar Chris Cagle, media educator and documentarian David Cooper Moore, and journalist and film critic Matt Prigge. The series was directed and edited by filmmaker Matt Boyle. Each week’s webisode tackled one question, and ran five to ten minutes.  A thirty-minute version of the show also ran on TUTV and Comcast Television in Philadelphia.  The series was curated by Dailymotion, Web Series Channel, Townspot TV, and by Blip TV, who also distributed it through their Roku channel. The series received press coverage from more than fifty film-centered websites, and coverage from a few major media outlets. To read the Philadelphia Daily News’s story on the show, click here.

All 39 episodes of the web series can be viewed here.

The episodes can also be viewed, and more information about the show can be found at its website.

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