Caoineadh (“Lament”)

NTSC/Widescreen/TRT 7:09/B&W and Color/2010

Caoineadh, pronounced “kwee-neh” in the Irish language, translates as Lament. The film tells an unusual love story, the tale of a young woman from the west of Ireland who comes to Dublin, meets a handsome young man, and dances across the city with him for two glorious days. As she mourns the end of the affair, she celebrates the magic of Ireland’s capital.

Dublin is one of the world’s most beautiful and culturally rich cities. A rough Viking settlement in 841 AD, it’s now a prominent participant in global markets, especially strong in technology and tourism. One of the fastest-growing cities in Europe, it’s a vibrant metropolis of art and commerce and industrial advancement. Caoineadh is a love letter to the city, seeking to capture the way it can dazzle and romance a visitor. In its own unique way, the film casts the audience to the sky, re-creating the head-rush that comes with new love, for a person…or a city.

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