NTSC/Widescreen/ TRT TBD/Color/2010

Begrudging is practically a national pastime in Ireland – the Irish famously won’t allow anyone to “get too big for their britches.” Any display of overconfidence or entitlement is quickly countered by cutting sarcasm and criticism. Inspired in part by a short story by Raymond Carver, Begrudgery tells the story of two young housesitters who find themselves both seduced and tormented by the life represented by the home they are watching. With the explosion of the Irish economy in recent decades, Ireland has quickly turned into a country of haves and have-nots, and jealousy runs as green as the landscape.

The number one topic of conversation among young people in Dublin is the availability and affordability of property – for many Irish, even the well-to-do, owing a home is simply never going to be a possibility. Using this citywide obsession as a jumping-off point, Begrudery explores the undercurrents of hostility emerging in the gap between the life promised to Dubliners by a nation with newfound prosperity, and the life realistically achievable.

Begrudgery is not currently available for online viewing. Contact Prof. Morrow with a request to view the film.

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