Aidan Murphy’s Gone Missing

NTSC/Widescreen/TRT 18:50/Color/2010

Aidan Murphy’s Gone Missing is a layered, slice-of-life drama built upon Oscar Wilde’s concept of the many ways in which one person can be viewed by the people in his/her life. The film explores the degree to which one’s identity is constructed by one’s relationships – are you really you, or are you merely a construct of the many roles and perceptions that you play and fulfill for those around you? But it is not just a film about personal identity – “Aidan Murphy” is Dublin, a city caught in the midst of an identity crisis of its own – the city’s booming economic honeymoon has finally ended, and now Dubliners face a question of how they want to be perceived in the modern world. Shot entirely in Dublin city parks, with a cast of actors improvising from a loose outline, the film’s overlapping, interwoven conversations give the viewer the sense that he/she is eavesdropping on something intensely personal and private, while the story of this changing city is set on a world stage.

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